GC In Python: YAS (Yet Another Summary)

Darrell news at dorb.com
Wed Jun 16 16:25:04 EDT 1999

Tried the lazy plumbo and it found a cycle in a large application I'm
working on.
And it was easy to fix, once found ::)

It took 5min at least to find the cycle. I'm not complaining because
it would have taken me a lot longer. But maybe there is a way to speed
this up. Maybe the Guido idea of only tracking dictionaries and objects
in dictionaries would be useful ?  Or move find cycles to 'C'

A nice feature might be to allow queries so lazy developers could find out
where all the memory has gone. Such as when you have no cycles and still
consuming 100meg.

Hope no one finds a basic flaw.
Until then I'm dumb, lazy and happy :)

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