How to obtain an instance's name at runtime?

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Fri Jun 25 04:05:36 EDT 1999

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  Jim Meier <fatjim at> wrote:
> Well, there sort of is a solution, but I don't think you're going
> to like it. Incidentally, why are you trying to discover this? I'm
> not a super-meister-coder, but I can't imagine a situation where
> knowing this would be useful.

Ok, I knew I was going to look like a dumb camel right after
posting my question... Nevertheless there is a useful case of
knowing such an instance's name, at least I believe I found
one. Have a look at the following page, spot the question mark
and you'll know what I mean:

But, PLEASE, don't start to ask me anything about the project
itself!! It's all in a very pre-pre-pre-alpha phase...

There might be some workaround solution in oder to get that
name I want, as in some of the replied in this thread, but
I'll evaluate that later...



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