makepy not war

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Wed Jun 9 14:58:55 CEST 1999

Flbill Blipf wrote in message <375DD2BE.D918CCCE at>...
>I hope this is not too general of a question.
>After running on a type library, how do I use
>the resulting file?
>I know how to use win32com.client.Dispatch, and I kinda
>sort of know how to use CoCreateInstance, QueryInterface,
>etc. with C++.

You should be able to just use "win32com.client.Dispatch", and it will
magically use the makepy support.  Print the repr() of a COM object with and
without makepy support, and the difference should be obvious.

If it doesnt, let me know (or search deja-news for discussions about how to
use Notes, which is one that doesnt work correctly)


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