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Not an expert, but I have done it using vc++5.

In the freeze directory, under tools, which directory you get when to
download and install the source, which you have to do, there is a html file
that is where you need to go next.

My project plan would be :

1) compile source (to prove things are set up and you know what to do)
2) execute on your program, with a command line parameter to put
the result in c:\temp
3) goto c:\temp and type nmake
4) test the result

You might have problems with 6.0 since  5.0 is what is supported out of the
The resulting executionable will be dependent on some external programs.

SunitJoshi wrote:

> Hello
>     I'm trying to make exe's from python scripts using VC6++. However I'm
> lost as to how to use freeze to accomplish this. If someone could include
> some details I would really appreciate it.
> thanks
> Sunit

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