Newbie question: DOS console commands?

Hans Nowak ivnowa at
Sat Jun 12 13:15:12 CEST 1999

> I'm new to Python this week and was wondering if there are any console
> commands to use on a DOS screen (e.g. ClearScreen, GotoXY, Foreground and
> Background colors, etc.)
> I've got PythonWin running on Windows 95 and am having fun learning the
> language and Tkinter, but I have a need to write a simple DOS interface
> program.  I could pull out my copy of TurboPascal, but I'd like to write it
> in Python to further my education.

I happen to maintain a Python version for DOS, which has *some* 
support for screen manipulation. Due to the little interest in a DOS 
Python, I never really looked into this, I just kludged together a 
few modules and functions. <rant> Now if this stupid little #&#*(@( 
computer vendor had provided me with a well-working box, I would have 
been able to look at it right now and maybe write a few extra 
functions... but since they didn't, I'm unable to update Python-DX 
(and my snippets page) at this moment. I will in the (hopefully near) 
future though. </rant>

Meanwhile, you could check out Python-DX at . Check out modules 
like _conio and _pc. (There are wrapper modules for them, but they're 
part of a separate library, which I have different plans with.)

If you're really wanting to use this extensively I will update my 
modules and docco as soon as I can.

Veel liefs,

--Hans Nowak (ivnowa at
--Hans Nowak (ivnowa at

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