Tim Peters tim_one at
Sat Jun 5 03:42:21 CEST 1999

[Hrvoje Niksic]
> ...
> Ironically, when I first saw "tuples" in Python, I assumed they were
> invented to speed up threading because you don't need to lock access
> to immutable structures.  (The same applies to immutable strings.)
> Boy, was I wrong.  :-(

Besides, immutable structures are still mutable "under the covers":  in
particular, their refcounts get boosted and dropped all the time.  That also
needs to be atomic.

OTOH, you weren't wrong!  Guido is well aware of the optimizations that
*may* someday apply thanks to immutability.  That not all coneivable such
have been implemented yet is merely evidence that time has extent <wink>.

    thru-the-day-ly y'rs  - tim

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