urllib: an alternative URLOpener

Mark Nottingham mnot at pobox.com
Sun Jun 13 04:59:09 CEST 1999

FWIW, I've put a fairly complete spidering class together as part of a
project... may be useful for somebody out there...


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> I've been working on-and-off on a replacement for urllib that is more
> easily customizable; they basic philosophy has been to avoid
> inheritance as the customization mechanism.  Instead, a single
> director class coordinates the activities of many small handlers that
> implement one feature/protocol.
> The resulting architecture makes it much easier to create a UrlOpener
> that handles redirects (which is probably the crucial feature of
> FancyUrlOpener) without getting all of the other cruft (like prompting
> the user to enter a password on stdin).
> I've been delayed a bit because I wanted to add better support for
> proxies, e.g. using a proxy only for URLs that match some pattern.
> Since people are asking about this, I'll expedite my release plans
> :-).  I'll try to make a useful release available early next week.
> Jeremy

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