A tkinter kick-off

Randall Hopper aa8vb at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 18:18:41 CEST 1999

Mark Butterworth:
 |I've been using python for a few months now (I've actually managed to
 |persuade my company that freeware is a viable tool) and I've just started
 |looking at tkinter.  However,  my first little project doesn't  require an
 |interactive window or dialog box.  What I do require is a window which
 |displays the result's of my background processing.  The processing will
 |simply be the compression and network transfer of some files.  I'm not
 |looking for a full solution however, I just need a help starting off.  I can
 |create a window containing a listbox alright, I just need to know how to
 |process in the background and display results within the listbox (maybe a
 |cancel button would also be useful).
 |Any help appreciated!?!

For a recent project, I needed exactly what you describe.  See the
ShellWindow.py example in the Python dist.  A little adaptation of this
module was all that was needed.


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