waste of resources ?

Arne Mueller a.mueller at icrf.icnet.uk
Mon Jun 7 20:29:37 CEST 1999

Hi All

In my program I always get an OSError number 11 (Resource temporarely
not available). It reads in lots of files using child processes
communication with the parent. Each child also uses popen to get data
from lauched 'gunzip' process. After ~1000 processed files the program
raises OSError[11]. I'm pretty sure that all the child processes close
their pipes to the parent and that popen is also closed. The parent
stores the file descriptors connected to the children in a list but uses
the lists 'remove' method to delete descriptors that are finished (those
which the parent has already read from). 

However, I'd like to get sure that's not the number of used
filedescriptors what's causing the error. How can I examine the cause of
error, I mean is there a python method or a variable that tell you the
number of currently used file descriptors or better that lists all the
resources a program is using including it's children? 

Hm, maybe I'll have a hard night of debugging :-(



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