Any Production ZOPE sites we can visit?

Michael Kersey mkersey at
Fri Jun 11 21:49:22 EDT 1999

It may not be exciting to you, but to me this site is an eye-opener!
Bravo to it's developers.

Especially nice depiction/presentation of regions versus counties and
the handy use of mapping/graphics capabilities throughout. Your ties
into are extremely sharp and well-done, IMO.

When you say "airport lookups", what do you mean? Is part of the search
done with Zope per se, and another part passed to an external database? 
For instance AFAI can tell, the URL
may be (I'm guessing) handled by Zope's own object-oriented database and
DTML, while the URL
may be handled by significantly different code (not DTML) executing SQL

BTW, having worked with it for years, I have a hard time finding
anything exciting about SQL!-))
Michael Kersey

Brad Clements wrote:
> Nothing exciting there really, except that the airport lookups are done
> through an SQL query..
> I'm working on an events Calendar, that'll really look nice when it's done

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