Broken 1.5.2 installation? Missing cw3215mt.dll

Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at
Mon Jun 14 10:49:14 EDT 1999

Hi All--

Gordon ``Cannibal'' McMillan wrote:
> Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> > ...  I've also installed Python/Tcl on my three Linux
> > machines--RH5.2 and RH6.0-SMP--but I didn't have to fiddle with
> > anything at all in order to get IDLE to run just fine.  Of course,
> > Python and Tcl etc. have been in my path permanently for a long time
> > on Linux;-)
> [double snort]
> A few months ago you were running some auto-port from a PDP-8. Did
> RH finally convince you no warm-blooded animals were used in user
> testing?

The closest I ever got to a PDP-8 was a MicroVax.  Disgusting box.  As
my mother-in-law says, ``Oh wonderful.  Everything I hate most in one

And I understood that RH only uses poikilothermic cannibals in their

<that-explains-the-electrodes-in-gordon's-head>-ly y'rs,
Ivan Van Laningham
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