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Graham Matthews graham at
Thu Jun 3 14:53:28 EDT 1999

adjih at wrote:
: Hmm... How do you do multi-thread real-time (i.e. incremental) GC being
: a) portable (must run on PalmPilot, WinCE, Unix, Mac,...) b) without
: relying on assumptions [that will fail in some programs] (such as "very
: few writes in shared space"). The supplementary condition would be "c)
: efficient" which would be useful for languages such as C/C++ or compiled
: Java, but I grant you that this is not necessary for the current Python,
: and that we are comparing here to reference counting anyway.

I am no expert on real time garbage collection, but I have read a few
papers which clearly show that it can be done. Moreover done quite
portably and efficiently (indeed if it were not efficient, it can't
be *real-time* can it). I am just suggesting you read such papers
before you right off the whole idea.

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