Grimoire [was: How do I defect?]

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at
Thu Jun 10 16:11:48 CEST 1999

David Ascher writes:
>On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Matthew Dixon Cowles wrote:
>The tutorial is what I recommend you get started with. However, I'd like
>to also put a little plug for a new document I discovered by accident
>(well, surfing =). Andrew Kuchling is too modest to advertise it, ...

	I don't advertise it because it's nowhere near finished; I
wanted to write a chapter on classes first, because that's the major
missing piece.  It's on my Web pages for the odd person who comes
across it -- some nice people have even sent me corrections already.  

       However, since it's been outed... the Grimoire is a
task-oriented manual, structured along the same lines as the Perl
Cookbook from O'Reilly -- each chapter covers a topic, starting with a
general introduction, and followed by sections that explain various
common questions (derived from FAQs, newsgroup discussions, the tutor
list, etc.)

A.M. Kuchling
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