PythonWin VSS Integration

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Tue Jun 29 12:27:45 CEST 1999

Mike C. Fletcher wrote in message <002a01bec203$1fc90230
[Laments about Pythonwin and Source Safe]

>So, any hints?  What does visual source safe integration mean?

Well, it _should_ give you some clues.  Note that you need to restart
Pythonwin before the option will take effect.  Also note that the file must
be marked read-only on the disk.

Once enabled, and assuming VSS is installed correctly, the most likely error
message you will see is something like "this directory is not configured for
VSS".  [Once the option is checked, you should get _some_ message on a
read-only file]

In this case, you need a "mssccprj.scc" file either in the file's directory
or a parent directory.  This is the same name and format as VB uses -
basically a Windows INI file.  A section [Python] with entry
"Project=ProjectName" is referenced.  The project name is the name of the
VSS project the Python code attempts to check the file out from.  If the
.scc file is in a parent directory, the correct relative VSS path is built -
so if your file system matches your VSS structure, you only need a single
.scc file in the VSS "root" directory.

Hope this makes sense.


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