Holger Jannsen holger at phoenix-edv.netzservice.de
Fri Jun 18 18:01:40 CEST 1999


another problem under NT: I'd like to message the user a longer description about the
programm with sys.stdout.write(usagetxt).
The user should have possibility to pipe the output like he
wants, e.g. with 'less' or 'more'.
But I get an error:

C:\myPython>installation15.py /? |more
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "C:\myPython\installation15.py", line 642, in ?
  File "C:\myPython\installation15.py", line 629, in switcher
  File "C:\myPython\installation15.py", line 189, in __usage
IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

If I start with 'C:\myPython>python installation15.py /? |more'
there's no problem and it works allright.

I've read the messages about NT and piping in this group, but I think
it's something differnt, ouh?!

hand (='have a nice day'!),

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