Sockets and lemon curry

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Sun Jun 6 05:14:51 CEST 1999

Ian King writes:
> I'm trying to implement an rshd server in Python.  The problem seems
> to be with establishing the secondary socket for stderr.  I'm using
> a Linux 2.0 box as client, and a Windows machine as server

> ...  In experimenting, I've gotten things to work with utilities
> that don't require the second socket (e.g. rcp).  But the moment I
> try to establish the secondary socket, the client says, "protocol
> violation" and gives up.  Ideas?

/snip code/

> ...  This seems like a simple handshake, and if I use (for
> instance) the Windows machine as a client against the Linux server
> (and do a network trace), everything works and looks great.

Yes. On *nix, it takes root authority to create sockets on ports 
below 1024. No such limit on NT. You didn't say what 'port2' was, but 
it sure fits the symptoms...

- Gordon

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