Installing ODBC on PythonWin

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Jun 18 18:48:53 EDT 1999

Andrew Clover has Access problems:

>  I've got an Access database accessed by Python scripts under CGI.
>  However,
> sometimes, calls to odbc.odbc(dsn) hang up and never return.
> (Eventually the web server times out and kills the process.) This
> seems to happen randomly, but increasingly. Does anyone have any
> idea why? A fault with the odbc module, or Access, or what?

Repeat after me: "Access is NOT a server, Access is NOT a server".

It is a file access method. If you access it through Jet (ie, DAO or 
one of those) it is sort-of safe for multiuser usage. If accessed 
through ODBC it is most definitely absolutely NOT safe. It's not even 
safe for mutiple connections from one process.

Access is dandy on the desktop as an overgrown spreadsheet. It is the 
LAST thing you should use for CGI.

- Gordon

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