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Fernando D. Mato Mira matomira at acm.org
Mon Jun 14 11:46:23 EDT 1999

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> as far as I can tell, you haven't even mentioned Python in any
> of your posts to comp.lang.python and the python language
> mailing list.  sure looks like the usual cross-posting time-wasting
> usenet troll to me, but maybe someone is abusing your user
> account?

No. The vague impression I got from python tells me it's a good
language, and their folk seem pretty much on track. As many of its users

seem to have the same kinds of needs the tcl people do, I thought
it would probably be the place to find knowledgeable people with
a balanced opinion.

>the other hand, if you're not interested in Python, maybe you
>could stop wasting our time?

If the subject does not interest you, you don't need to read.
Myself, I find it very enriching to meet people from other
`cults'. That's how you can learn new things.

You've been polite, but the last line is pretty ambiguous to me in tone,
given the limitations of this electronic
medium. And the same happened with some other person in the newsgroup.

Beware. That does not do Python any good. Suddenly, I have
the impression the group is populated with very excitable and
all-knowing `Linux kiddies' (obviouly, why didn't I think so? - I also
use Linux),
and that it's not one some place one should want to visit very often
(like comp.lang.c++, for example).
Just think about it.

And no, I don't see why I should use Python instead of other things.
Although seeing it everywhere (ILU, GNOME, etc.) has intrigued me,
although not
from a practical perspective, so I haven't really looked at it.
For me, it would be interesting to study it if there was something
`new', like Occam has CSP, Eiffel has assertions, Ada has tasking (and
ADTs were
`new', at the time I studied it, in1986), Haskell has monads, etc.


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