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Jeremy Hylton <jeremy at> wrote:
| >>> (let ((sum 0))
|        (let ((add (lambda (x) (set! sum (+ sum x))))
|              (sub (lambda (x) (set! sum (- sum x)))))
|                 (add 2)
|                 (add 3)
|                 (sub 1)
|              sum))
| 4

A bound method is equivalent to a closure (or rather a function
with its own environment) in a certain sense.  The `self'
parameter serves as the environment.

The traditional (or good old :-) translation of the above code
would be like this:

def alsoWorks():
    class _alsoWorks_t:
	def add(self, x): self.sum = self.sum + x
	def sub(self, x): self.sum = self.sum - x
    i = _alsoWorks_t()
    i.sum = 0
    return i.sum

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