set im_self

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Wed Jun 23 19:28:34 CEST 1999

"Oleg Orlov" <orlov at> writes:

> Hello.
> Is there any way to set im_self attribute (ie bind method object)?
> Thanks.

The `new' module can do this:

>>> class C:
...  def m(self):
...   print self
>>> c=C()
>>> c.m()
<__main__.C instance at 8111318>
>>> import new
>>> cm=new.instancemethod(C.m.im_func,c,C.m.im_class)
>>> cm()
<__main__.C instance at 8111318>

Be aware that RedHat up to version 5.2 (I think) shipped a Python
without the new module compiled in, so you'll need to recompile or
update from an Andrich rpm if you're lumbered with one of those.


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