unable to access Tk from Python152/WinNT

riftweaver at hotmail.com riftweaver at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 3 11:40:48 EDT 1999


I am trying to run the tk interface from the Python 1.5.2 release on
WindowsNT. I have installed Python with both a pre-existing Tcl/TK
installation, and with the included Tcl/Tk installation.

When I couldn't start idle, I followed the troubleshooting selection
from python.org. First Pyhon couldn't find a lib/Tcl8.0 directory; so I
copied that from the Tcl install to Python/lib. Then it couldn't find a
lib/Tk8.0 directory; again I copied from Tcl install to Python/lib.

Then I got a stack trace with an error about binding to a <MouseWheel>.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


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