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Andreas Bogk andreas at andreas.org
Sun Jun 13 21:08:00 EDT 1999

Fernando Mato Mira <matomira at iname.com> writes:

> Although Dylan never really made it into "Fernando's elegibility list"
> because
> it was not a serious contender against Scheme and CL yet, it definitely got
> banished the day the Lisp syntax was dropped. I'm still waiting for the day
> when the Dylan fans will reinstate the alternative.

This is an age-old flamewar. It just so happens that there are people
who like infix syntax and detest prefix, and then there are people who
love their parens and hate infix.

It's a matter of preferences, I happen to like infix, and I'm not
gonna change.

> But my dream is a `parenthesized Cecil'

You're obviously one of THEM :-).


Reality is two's complement. See:

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