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Hans Nowak ivnowa at
Thu Jun 10 15:38:29 EDT 1999

On 10 Jun 99, mike milliger wrote:

> I read the documentation in the Python Reference Library (6.3) on time
> access and conversions and chapter 8 in programming python, yet I can't
> figure out if i need ( or how to use) a tuple to format the return from
> localtime().  i get a string now (wed jun 10 1999 xx:xx:xx) but i need
> to format it to yyyymmdd_hhmmss.  Is there any switch ( %) or function
> that can be useful?  Any help is appreciated.

You can roll your own:


import time

t = time.localtime(time.time())
# prints the tuple
print t

# prints a formatted tuple
print "%d%02d%02d_%02d%02d%02d" % t[0:6]

Disclaimer: This is untested, maybe the format will appear weird... 
but you'll get the idea.

Veel liefs,

--Hans Nowak (ivnowa at

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