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Fernando Mato Mira matomira at iname.com
Sat Jun 12 13:27:42 EDT 1999

Fernando Mato Mira wrote:

> [For example, I can think the Eiffel syntax is `philosophically' broken, but
> as `infix' syntaxes go, it is not. And it's a good language (I programmed

Actually, it's a _great_ language to learn SE (for OO pretty much too,  but of
course only in the restricted
single-dispatch way most people know about. I like to call that "Subject Oriented").

Smalltalk taught me OO.
Occam taught me about concurrency.
Eiffel taught me SE.
CLOS taught me what OO really means.


"Object Oriented is to not think only about your `subject' and forget about your
`arguments' - the syntactic objects of your sentence"

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