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> One of the nice things about python is the free development
> environment
> PythonWin.  I certainly don't get my other development environments
> for
> free.
> Having used PyhonWin a couple of weeks now I have a couple of comments
> in the form of a wish list.  Comments are welcome.
> 1)It would be really nice of the interactive window was dockable.  I
> find myself constanly searching for that window.  I like to have my
> edit windows maximized. An example of this in another application
> would
> be Microsoft Visual Studio's output window where once can see error
> messages from compiles.  It is never covered up even if my edit
> buffers/windows are maximized and I can hide it if I want even more
> space.
> 2)PythonWin conforms to the Windows MDI interface except for the
> floating window that comes up during debugging.  It would be nice if
> that window could be incorported into the MDI environment.  This would
> be another candidate for a dockable window.
> 3)One other thing that would make the PyhonWin environment even nicer
> is hot-keys or accelerators.  Its always nice to have the mouse when
> you are learning an application but hot-keys are always faster once
> you've got them memorized.  Good candidates here are keys for stepping
> in, out, over during debugging and access to the interactive window.
> Regards,
> Chuck
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