how to play waves?

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Wed Jun 16 18:27:46 EDT 1999

Gerrit Holl wrote in message <19990616210844.A8571 at optiplex.palga.uucp>...
>Hello all,
>is it possible to _play_ a wave file with python? So not importing a wave
>module which is much to large and searching hours for the way to do it... I
>just want to give the name of a file and the module plays it for me... is

What OS?  If I guessed Windows, I would say "use the builtin winsound

>The Dutch Linuxgames website. De Nederlandse Linuxgames pagina.
>Everything about games on Linux. Alles over spelletjes onder Linux.

But it appears I would have guessed wrong :-)


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