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Fri Jun 4 14:46:14 EDT 1999

Hi All--

Robert Meegan wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jun 1999, Graham Matthews wrote:
> >


> One problem that exists with suggestions for improvements to Python is that
> different people have different ideas about what features are essential to
> the language. Most people seem to agree that objects and whitespace are
> core features of Python, but others have made (more or less) well-reasoned
> arguments pointing out the weaknesses inherent in each of these.


> The important thing is neither to quash dissent nor to debate the number of
> angels that can dance on the head of an object, but to freely share ideas
> in the hope of improving both Python and our own pool of knowledge.
> This learned opinion is, of course, not worth the bits it's written on.

Ah, but it is.  Very nice summary of how the Python community works and
gets things done, Robert.  Thank you.

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