BOFs (Birds-Of-a-Feather) sessions at the Monterey Python conference

John Mitchell johnm at
Tue Jun 29 17:51:58 EDT 1999

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, David Ascher wrote:

> As you may know, O'Reilly & Associates is organizing a Python Conference
> as part of its Open Source Convention in Monterey in August. [...]
> I'd like to solicit discussion on what BOFs would be good to organize, and
> find some organizers.  [...]

I'd love to see "Python and Java BOF", and maybe one on CORBA.  If we
could hornswaggle Jim Hugunin or Barry Warsaw to talk a bit, that would be
great.  Whoa -- just found Jim's JPython slides[1].  For the
record, his talk at JavaOne was excellent -- thanks!

Basically, Java can bite me, but it has tons of libraries, everything
talks to it, and it has local fatass support.  Switching to JPython sounds
like a win/win, and I need to prove it.

CORBA I havent messed with since Fnorb used to be unstable, I'd love to
hear how it's changed.

- j


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