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> Now that Python 1.5.2 is here I need to upgrade from
> 1.5.  We use Python internally and also ship Python
> applications.  Our environment is mixed PC's, Suns and
> linux boxes.  Our customers all have PC's.  I always
> find upgrades difficult, especially at customer sites since
> we have no access, and have to depend on our Wise install
> script.
> I keep thinking how much easier this would be if the
> Python library were built into the binary.  I mean that
> on PC's, the library were part of python15.dll for example.
> No more worrys about a bad PYTHONPATH, the registry, my
> 1.5.2 binary using 1.5 libraries, the different ways all
> this works on different platforms, etc.  You just replace
> python15.dll and you are at 1.5.2.  Simple.
> So I wrote some code.  I don't consider it finished but
> it works.  It makes the Python library part of the binary.

did you have a look at mxCGIPython at ?
This is a single executable not shared library with the
standard Python library embedded.

Florent Heyworth

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