Why is tcl broken?

Fernando Mato Mira matomira at iname.com
Thu Jun 10 13:44:10 EDT 1999

Lars Marius Garshol wrote:

> * Fernando Mato Mira
> |
> | I'm trying to collect a list of all the _current_ issues making tcl
> | a bad language choice.
> You can find three interesting articles on this at
> <URL: http://itrc.uwaterloo.ca/~papresco/tcl/>

Thanks. But the Sah article is not accessible,
and his homepage makes no reference to it.

Regarding the Stallman article, it's a quite vague,
and it's not sure one can extrapolate from their TECO experience
to Tcl.

About the Connoly one, the namespace issue seems to
be solved by [incr Tcl]. But what about that "interpreted
multiple times"? Is it just an efficiency issue, or a semantic
nightmare (maybe both)?

What about dynamic scoping?

BTW, I just found:


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