A tkinter kick-off

Olivier Berger olberger at club-internet.fr
Tue Jun 1 19:14:01 EDT 1999

Mark Butterworth wrote:
> I've been using python for a few months now (I've actually managed to
> persuade my company that freeware is a viable tool) and I've just started
> looking at tkinter.  However,  my first little project doesn't  require an
> interactive window or dialog box.  What I do require is a window which
> displays the result's of my background processing.  The processing will
> simply be the compression and network transfer of some files.  I'm not
> looking for a full solution however, I just need a help starting off.  I can
> create a window containing a listbox alright, I just need to know how to
> process in the background and display results within the listbox (maybe a
> cancel button would also be useful).
> Any help appreciated!?!

Look at the FAQ ... it explains how registering a "callback" that can be
linked to the processing of characters coming on an input to your

My suggestion is then to have a finite state machine (simple to code if
you use disctionnaries, lists and eval() ...) to interprete these
inputs, then rendering them as you like in the window...

I'm myself writing such a tool, so this is only my actual experiments
results... Maybe you can find allmost complete application frmaework
elsewhere for such a "simple" tool...


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