Green or Red for stderr under IDLE?

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Sat Jun 19 11:38:03 CEST 1999

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999 20:26:11 GMT, Sam Schulenburg <sams at> wrote:

>I notice that stderr for the IDLE environmnet is defaulted to green for
>it's color. Is this a standard anywhere or should it be defaulted to

>I find that on all the releases that I have used, I have to reset its
>value to red as I use this feature to print out error messages on the
>status of the scripts that I run.

IDLE | Help | Help:

	To change the font on Windows, open and change
	    text['font'] = ("verdana", 8)
	to, e.g.,
	    text['font'] = ("courier new", 10)

	To change the Python syntax colors, edit the tagdefs table in; to change the shell colors, edit the tagdefs
	table in

        ##"stdin":   {"background": "yellow"},
        "stdout":  {"foreground": "blue"},
        "stderr":  {"foreground": "#007700"},
        "console": {"foreground": "#770000"},
        "ERROR":   {"background": "#FF7777"},
        None:      {"foreground": "purple"}, # default


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