need help checking for stack overflow in Win32

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Jun 2 05:12:25 EDT 1999

In article <7j1pcc$256$1 at>, Mark Hammond
<MHammond at> writes
>Actually, I was about to post this yesterday, and to prove my point I wrote:
>def die():
>    die()
>Expecting to see the crash.  I was then going to go into a rant about how
>win32api.Apply would actually let you catch this (and any other Win32)
>exception as a temporary solution.
>But it worked correctly - ie, Python raised a RuntimeError: Max Recursion.
I just tried this with my bog standard 1.5.2 under win95 osr2 and it
faults to the system. Strange :)
Robin Becker

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