Installing ODBC on PythonWin

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Sat Jun 19 11:10:45 EDT 1999

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> eeghead84 at wrote:
> > It is written that the ODBC module is included in the pythonwin
> > distribution but >>>import ODBC says otherwise. I've d/e'd
> > (downloaded/executed) Win32, but it died and said that it was
> > looking for version 1.4!
>  If you download the latest Python and Win32 from
> it should be
> fine. You'll want to write "import dbi, odbc" though.
>  Now for my problems.
>  I've got an Access database accessed by Python scripts under CGI.
> However, sometimes, calls to odbc.odbc(dsn) hang up and never return.
> (Eventually the web server times out and kills the process.) This
> seems to happen randomly, but increasingly. Does anyone have any
> idea why? A fault with the odbc module, or Access, or what?

Oh, that is interesting. I had a similar problem with the driver
to a remote Navision database and was suspecting it was limited
to that configuration - I do not use ODBC very much.
Inserting a delay after the import seemed to "fix" my problem:

import dbi, odbc
import time
time.sleep (3)

odbc_nav = odbc.odbc (dsn_nav)

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