Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Alexander V. Voinov avv at
Fri Jun 25 19:46:07 EDT 1999

Tom Loredo wrote:

> Well, one reason not to rush to wxWindows is that there is
> no "real" Mac version.  I realize that a Mac version is "underway",
> but the wxWindows site has said that for a *long* time now.
> A beta version was posted about a month ago, but I've not
> heard much about it, and most of the wx web site doesn't
> seem to know it exists (e.g., the FAQ still says the beta
> is forthcoming, and the dowload section appears to still
> have the old preview alpha release).  I develop on both Unix
> and Mac, and although the Unix part of me finds wx appealing,
> the Mac side of me feels like a 2nd class citizen in the wx world.

I have just visited wxWindows site, and picked up from the "News" page:

May 27th, 1999

    Beta 1 of wxWindows 2 for Mac has been released, thanks to Stefan
Csomor's amazing


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