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G. David Kuhlman dkuhlman at
Sun Jun 13 01:48:26 CEST 1999

Tim Peters (tim_one at wrote:

> Ack, enough already.  If your packages don't match your directories, the
> builtin importer simply doesn't do what you want.  Look in the Library
> manual's Built-in Functions section for __import__:  that's the builtin
> function an "import" stmt invokes.  You can replace it with whatever you
> like.  The std imp module packages many functions that will be helpful when
> doing this.  As I said at the start, I don't understand this stuff (never
> had reason to use it!), but Greg Stein is widely reputed to have developed a
> much more flexible import mechanism; maybe DejaNews will turn up something
> useful.

> the-distutils-sig-may-also-be-your-friend-ly y'rs  - tim

If you decide to follow Tim's suggestion and implement your own
import, then search DejaNews for "imputil".  I'm not at a machine
where I have the URL, but if you can't find it, email me.

I've used to modify the search behavior to
extract/import scripts from our own script library/database before
searching directories on disk.  imputil makes it easy enough to do
so that even I was able to use it -- a strong recommendation. 
Our special import seems to work, although I'll have to admit that
I have not made it "production grade" yet.

  - Dave

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