Broken 1.5.2 installation? Missing cw3215mt.dll

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Fri Jun 11 04:08:23 CEST 1999

Problem is encountered when loading command-line Python or IDLE.  IDLE is
non-functional, command line works fine after acknowledging the missing DLLs
(as far as I can see).  I'm beginning to think there must be something
screwy with my configuration that messes with 1.5.2 where it didn't with 1.5
(which I believe was the last version on this machine).  Could be the Cygnus
TCL is interfering I suppose.

Oh, of course most people would have figured it out by my calling it a DLL,
but this is on NT with the standard win32 installer from .

Pythonwin works fine (no error messages at all).  Python running a file as a
script also works fine (no error messages).

Must get back to work one of these days :) , enjoy,
   M i k e   C .  F l e t c h e r

       mcfletch at

        Designer, Researcher

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> BTW, *when* did this error pop up?  It's unclear.  That is, did the
> installation complete (in which case what does the error have to do with
> installation?), or did it occur during the install (in which case exactly
> when during the install)?  There's no mention of cw*.dll in either the
> Tcl/Tk or Python install logs left behind by my 1.5.2 installation.  Makes
> me wonder whether the installer itself needs this DLL.

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