To add OCCAM-like construction to Python

Zaur sz at
Mon Jun 7 14:08:44 EDT 1999

This message for people which working on Python 2.
Can Python "inherit" <par> statement from OCCAM for parallelizing.

For example:
where interpreter (internally) run <statement1> and <statement2> in
(for example, in different threads) , wait while they complete and then
execute <statement3>.

Then use something like:
   X = ?Y
where if Y is empty (None) current thread wait while Y become nonempty.
   X! = Y
where current thread wait while X is busy and then assign: X = Y

Or something else ...  in OCCAM-style.
Sintax in above statements may be adopt for Python, of cause.

I think and hope that it is easy for Python.
Python inherits many features from programming languages (C, Pascal,
scripts (Perl, Tcl, ...), shells (Rexx, ...), object orientation. I
believe that it can also inherit parallel processing from OCCAM, which
also has clear semantics and easy sintax.

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