How do I defect?

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at
Wed Jun 9 21:46:29 EDT 1999

In article <375EEBE2.3F20390F at>, Burton Kent <burton at>

> I use Perl because of the nifty regex.  But
> I hate Perl because of the data structures.

Python's re module has Perl-like regexes so you should be happy.

> If you ever need any kind of data structure
> in perl, move into a padded cubicle.  Check
> into the funny farm. Flop into the loony bin.
> Perl is like LSD.  It's cool and pretty and
> will slowly drive you insane.


> So how do I defect from Perl to Python?  I 
> have the Programming Python book on order.  
> What can I read to get started ASAP?


(it's short). Then skim

Then start writing code. Check

if you run into problems. I doubt you'll have any serious trouble getting


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