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David N. Welton dwelton at
Mon Jun 7 13:22:52 EDT 1999

jonathan at (Jonathan Hogg) writes:

> sorry, i should perhaps have made myself more clear. i was wondering
> as i posted whether mention of ASP would confuse the matter.
> i'm not implementing on Windows or using "Active Server Pages" as
> defined by Microsoft. i'm interested in dynamic web pages on
> unix/apache.

> (and yes, i know about PyApache - but that's just a
> convenience/optimisation for CGI, not an embedding of Python in web
> pages)

If someone were interested, it probably wouldn't take *too* much work
to convert my mod_dtcl to mod_pysomething.

The url is

I'd actually be interested in this myself, but I don't have any free

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