Python 2.0

Graham Matthews graham at
Thu Jun 3 11:20:06 EDT 1999

Paul Boddie (paulb at wrote:
:So, we have established that it can indeed be done, but reaching back into the
:depths of time and pulling out the original proposal - being that Python should
:have its primary (or only) implementation running in the Java environment - we
:can see that regardless of the existence of satisfactory GC schemes, the 
:typical Java implementation surely falls short of what many people require.
:Therefore, whilst there may well be a need for more sophisticated GC in Python
:2.0, we must conclude that the Java environment may not be the appropriate 
: place in which such technologies are to be found.

Can I suggest you read the Java spec. As someone else has pointed out
Java memory management is done via an interface. Hence you can implement
any memory management scheme you like in Java.

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