<insert favourite flame-bait here> broken

Fernando Mato Mira matomira at iname.com
Wed Jun 16 11:06:23 EDT 1999


Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> > "cult" "kiddie" "flamer" "dogmatic"
> interesting.  a lot of new cool things to add
> to my business card.  given that fernando has
> never met me in person, it's amazing what he
> could figure out just by reading a usenet post

Just to clarify:

"cult" not used in any negative sense, and I never called
anyone "kiddie". I only wondered exists(k) / reads-python(k) ?

As you can see from the tags, you can see I how understand
what the problem is. Sorry if I've never had less than T1 for free,
and never stepped out from `expensive' newsgroups. For some of
us `old guys' this thing about people paying to take even the subjects
home is new (after 10 years wired, who reads guidelines, if they have
always been basically the same?).


Constructive bit:

Put in your FAQ and guidelines to warn about this to any new guy
before somehow making him feel he is being flamed.

I also have to go through Kent's piece and see with him, because the
part is very misleading. The people interested is that in
intesect(A,I) U intesect(B,I) where I is the set of ALL people
interested in issue I
which will in general be very different from intersect(A,B)

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