Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Jim Meier fatjim at
Fri Jun 4 04:36:31 CEST 1999

Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Jim Meier wrote:
> [snip]
> You're the guy who did the GGI wrapper, right? I've been playing with it
> a little, now I need more docs... Perhaps I'll go write some.

Please feel free - I'm a very poor documentor. You might also want to check out David
Schere's python wrapper, available from the same place as mine. His wrapping is very
complete - he used SWIG to generate it. I'm in the process of adding the functionality
of my wrapper to his code - things like the indexable color objects, etc.. His module
will provide a complete, mostly direct wrapper for the GGI library functions, while
mine will try to be a more 'Pythonic' interface; hopefully with features that make it
a little more efficient to do graphics work in Python. Ideas on how this will be
accomplished are being auditioned now, so speak up!
One idea I'm toying with is adding a GGI display target to PIL..

> >
> > Wow, talking about old H/W makes me sound old - I'm only 19!
> Well, computer tech moves quickly (I'd say 'in internet time' but it
> already did before the net was popular).
> I remember the days before the great internet explosion, 1991 and such,
> where I could talk about the marvels of the net and get looks 'Martijn
> is talking about computer stuff again'. These days I sit in the bus and
> hear people talk about 'getting email'. And I'm only 25. :) I can go on
> and on about the MSX-2, its VDP chip and Z80 assembler. :)

Oh, I remember those days(Not the MSX-2, though!). Back when the dream hadn't been
ruined by being implemented for the masses! I wish I could still amaze people with
computer trivia - now they just yawn, like you were talking about repairing a TV.
*sigh* :)

> This made me come up with the Quantum-Martijn-Solipsist theory of
> Reality Alteration: 'If Martijn rambles about something exciting to
> people that people don't get, reality will change within a few years so
> that suddenly everybody is using it.'
> I'm rambling about Python these days. Yesterday I read a paper from
> Guido about how he was thinking about bringing Python (or some successor
> language) to *billions* of users. :)

Just think of all the nasty code _that_ would generate... I can't beleive some of the
English that some people speak, and am horrified to think that when I'm 30, I might
end up teaching "Python Literacy" to a group of bored and whiny (and by that point,
negative-attention-spanned) high school students and trying to explain the design
philosophy of "The-Right-Way"... !!

Putting that thought out of mind..
- Ole' (and facetious) long-in-the-Tooth Jim.

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