[FYI] Future and Status of the RPM based Linux distribution

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Wed Jun 23 12:27:01 CEST 1999


as I am receiving more and more emails when I will release a RedHat 6
compatible ready to use version of my distribution and when which module is
available for the distribution, I like to comment on this in the newsgroup,
cause all of the senders seem to read this group. And so I can reach some
other people too.

Well, you can certainly be sure, that there will be a release available soon
cause some kind users have supplied patches. But, of course there is a but, I
have to deal with the following flavours of RPM based Linux servers and
workstations now, so that I have to do some changes to be able to create all
packages from a common source.

    - RedHat Linux 5.2 (glibc 2.0)
    - RedHat Linux 6   (glibc 2.1)
    - Mandrake Linux 6 (glibc 2.1 and pentium optimized)
    - (maybe) SuSE 6.x (glibc 2.x)

As you can see, there is pretty much incompatibility available. ;-)) But I am
willing to deal with it. To further complicate this, two kind people have
supplied non x86 platforms, I have to integrate these versions too. Ok, so the
roadmap to this is:

On 1.7.1999 I plan to release a first RedHat 6 and Mandrake 6 release that is more
uptodate then the stuff available on the ftp server at the moment, which is a
RedHat 5.2 compatible version. This is somewhat an interim release until I
have a final version available. Just do cover the requests. ;-)) Of course, I
will provide optimized versions for all Mandrake architectures, cause Mandrake
is the distribution of choice at the moment (just a little personal opinion).
A first release of a packaged pyKDE module will be available at this time too.
(Only for RedHat 6 and Mandrake 6 at this time.)

But I also have some plans concerning the distribution and the non x86
versions. I like to setup some group writeable FTP directory on Starship
Python so that I can give the contributors a password to upload their packages
in a certain directory. That is just an idea, and I have to talk to the
Starship admins about that. Otherwise I will offer this access on my own
server and rsync the Starship dir from here.

Best regards,

    Oliver Andrich

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