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Mon Jun 21 17:30:44 EDT 1999

Dearn Python Developers,

I must say how thankful I am for Python. It has saved me at work once so
far. I am working on a program to poll data from a server, but I don't have
the actual server. I was fortunate enough to get sample data files from the
server and fairly decent specification. So, I embarked on my mission to
write a mach-server that emulated the real server. I was successful at
writing one in Perl until today when I found out that the data I was sending
to it was not the right data. I was having a difficult time parsing the data
in Perl (not too familiar with the regular expressions & perl syntax seems
to be a bit buggy to me).

Well, this weekend I happened to decide to learn Python because I know C++,
Java, Visual Basic and a few other minor languages (or so called languages
like HTML & SQL). I needed to know a good scripting language for UNIX
Administration and simple utilities that I like to maintain my computers.
Python looked like an excellent candidate because of it's object oriented
features and it also appeard to be quite simple, which has turned out to be
the case.

This afternoon, at work (in about a 20 minute time period) I rewrote the
mach server that I had originally written in Perl and it works much nicer
and more reliably than the Perl version which I was using before. The server
works quite nicely and was surprisingly written in a few less lines than the
Perl server was written in. I hope that my boss is impressed.


John Brainard

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