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CyRiuS cyrius at usc-interactive.com
Fri Jun 11 21:07:49 CEST 1999

i have a question. i am new to python and am trying to use it as a scripting language for a game i am working on. I have the interpreter embedded and running scripts but i have a few questions.

1) can i return values from the python script to the C/C++ program?
for example say at the end of my script, it returned 'character' and character was equal to say 'hi'
now is there anyway my C/C++ program could find out that the script just returned the value 'hi'?

2) is there anyway I can pass values from the C/C++ program into the python script?


3) say i had a python script that had several functions (defs). is there anyway i could call just one of these defs from the C/C++ program without calling the entire script?

Thanks for your help
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