NameError Problem

Jonathon jblake at
Sat Jun 19 18:46:47 EDT 1999

Andrew M. Kuchling (akuchlin at wrote:
: I'll wager that the_file_is winds up with some sort of unexpected
	It appears top have the correct value.

: value, and causes your variable to never be assigned a value,. because 

	But the variables I am initializing in the loop don't get
	initialized.  It doesn't look like the file goes into the loop.

	For those who would like to see the script, I have it
	That page also includes a sample of the database that it
	is looking at.



	I'm still looking for a good book on
		3:	The Recent Unpleasantness
		1:	The War Of Northern Aggression.
		2:	The War of Southern Rebellion.

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