Alg Problem (new to Python)

Steinar Knutsen sk at
Sun Jun 20 22:47:58 CEST 1999

In article <7k38gf$khr$1 at>, Steve Hunter
<Steve at> wrote:

> The out put of a program is below....the problem is the tasks are
>being added to every project vs. to the specific sees
>like an alg program but I can't see it....brand new to Python...have
> [...]
>the program below is in on .py file
>import sys
>projectDict = {} #MAPS PROJECT id string to PROJECT  object
>taskDict = {}  #MAPS TASK id string to TASK object
>class Project:
> _id = ''
> _name = ''
> _descr = ''
> _tasks = {}    #list of Tasks I contain

The dictionary Project._tasks is a mutable object, so when your method
for adding a task adds a new task to the dictionary, it adds the task to
the class attribute (Instead of making a new object as with strings and
integers, for instance.). Putting something like
   self.tasks = {}
into the __init__-method of the class Project will solve your problem.
Don't worry, the behaviour of mutable versus immutable objects is one of
the few things that I think often bites people new to Python.

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