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Benjamin Schollnick <rfreedm1 at> wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:17:31, Christopher Petrilli 
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>> > 	I'm trying to use ConfigParser... And I believe I'm doing everything
>> > write, except I don't see any documentation (including in the 
>> > file)
>> > telling my what function(s) to use to write the file out to disk???
>> That's simple... it doesn't exist :-)

> What's the rationale behind this???  It seems to be silly to allow 
> read, and not some
> sort of output???

Um, laziness is the most powerful of rationale :-) Write it and I'm sure
Guido will be happy to include it :-)  I've just never needed it, which
is why I don't use it.  I use config files for a bunch of scripts that
run, but there's no "GUI" way to edit them.

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