Windows Printing Question

Jeff P. jeffrey.polaski at
Wed Jun 9 19:19:30 EDT 1999

I have a set of Internet shortcuts on a Windows 95 machine that I'd like
to print out. I know Windows can do this, after all, I can right-click
on a shortcut and select "Print" and it'll do it. The question is: How
to do this programaticaly?

The problem is Windows grabs the files too fast, and if it doesn't get
the web page fast enough, just prints out a blank page with the url at
the top. Not really useful to me, as I need to have a copy of the page,
as seen by the browser. There _should_ be a delay of 2-5 seconds between
each one being printed. That way there won't be so many blank pages
after all of this is done. 

I have 4,605 shortcuts that I created with a little python script and a
directory listing of the site. The site has enough links that use
Javascript so if I use a site-grabber to grab the pages, it'll skip a
bunch of pages.

How would I use Python to print each of these pages pointed to by the

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Polaski

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